Emeralds Class

Welcome to our class page!

We are a class made up of 20 wonderful Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 children in the morning and in the afternoon we are a Year 3 and Year 4 class.

In our classroom, we support and help our peers, we look after each other and most importantly, we try our best in everything. All the adults that work with us are kind, caring and support us in our learning.


We are currently using the text ‘The Bear and the Piano’ to support our writing in English, looking at The British Monarchy in History and States of Matter in Science.  We love to learn through fun and exciting activities and topics and we enjoy practical learning.

Forest School Day

Each half term we have a whole school forest school day. For Autumn 1, our theme was ‘The Big Dig’.

We had a great day during our forest school day! We started the day with a quest from Aslan who asked us to find all the clues which would help use to identify the ‘What3Words’ we needed to find the buried turkish delights. Once we had found and answered all our clues, we had to prepare for our expedition using all the skills we had learnt in our science. After all our hard work, we found, retrieved and ate all the turkish delights. It was a great day!

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